Thursday, February 17, 2011

ARV Hit: Friday Mandatory #8

A few other things before I get to the summary:

First I will post all my ARV hits - photosites and sketches - as a record of my ARV successes, of which I am proud.

For those of you reading this who are not that familiar with Associated Remote Viewing, here is a brief recap of the process: first, I set my intent to have a successful session/contest; I set the races up using the PRECOG10 software, which randomly assigns a photograph from a previously assembled "photoset" to each horse in the race; for each race, I do an ARV session, in which my intent is to view the photosite represented by the photo that I will receive in email in the future, associated with the contest winner of this race, drawing a sketch of the images I see; I then judge the quality of the match of my sketch against each of the photos for this race using the Targ CR scale of 0-7, recording this info in PRECOG10; I receive an email from the system, which tells me what photos are associated with which horses, and which horse I have predicted as the winner of the race; finally, when the race is over, I record the winning outcome in PRECOG10, which sends me the winning photograph in email, which I them use as feedback, noting the matches, congratulating myself on winners, learning about how to do better judging, and flowing positive emotion to the whole process and myself.

It sounds complicated, but it is quite natural once you get used to it ;-)

So now I want to show the photosites and sketches for the races in which I got hits - when my top rated photo was the correct one, in the sense that it was associated with the winning contest outcome for that race (defined as the horse with the highest total payoff to win and place added together).

On the right is the sketch I made for Friday Mandatory #8, the 8th at Santa Anita, which originally had an 8 horse field (scratched down to 7). On the left is the photo associated with #4 Sassou, which I judged to be a Targ CR of 5 out of 7, the highest Targ CR of the 8 photos in the set.
You can see the main match is the the waterfall in the bottom half of my sketch. I did not get the bear at all; but a portion of my sketch was clearly a direct hit on part of the photosite, and that's what counts. One very rarely gets complete and perfect matches - that would be 7 of 7.

#4 won the race, so this was an ARV Hit.
(Unfortunately the horse was the 3-2 favorite, so I switched my contest pick to another horse with higher odds.)

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