Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Initial Preparation - Shifting Vibration

In my belief system, in order to manifest what you want, you have to first shift  your vibration about it, releasing any resistance you have to the subject.
I do this by stating how I want to feel, then writing as thoughts occur to me about feeling better about it. Creating the feeling in the here and now leads to its manifestation in the future - associated with the desired outcome.

Issue: I want to Win the NHC XIII contest, because I want the money, the recognition, and the publicity for what I feel is the way the universe really works.

How I Currently Feel: A little doubt. Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve it. Sometimes it feels hard, to beat all these experts. Sometimes I am a little scared what people (horseplayers) will think.

How I Want To Feel: Confident in my ability to win. Unconcerned about what others think. Having fun with it all, no matter what the outcome. Enjoying the unfolding and the process, the people, the experience.

Deliberate Attempt to Shift My Vibration:

  • I am good at this. I have unique knowledge no one else does - both tons of handicapping expertise, plus I know that intuition is the way to infinite knowledge. This is an extremely potent combination - and make winning a contest like this easy!
  • I have done very well in prior contests, both on my own and with the group. I have learned many things doing this, and am getting better and better all the time.
  • It is so much fun to think of the excitement of the contest - and winning it! I am so deserving of it, just because it feels good to feel that. 
  • There are plenty of contests, and plenty of years to come for the NHC - everyone who really feels they can win it, will. I am not preventing anyone from feeling that.
  • I enjoy the idea of others learning from me more about how the universe really works, as a result of hearing of my experiences in winning the contest. That is me as a teacher at my best. Plus I win money!
  • I have put plenty of money into horse race betting, and many of the horseplayers participating in this contest have won some of it. It's just money going around and coming around, when I win - I am not taking it away from them.
  • My intent is to stay focused on feeling good and having fun, up to and during the contest. That is my #1 priority. Winning is icing on the cake!
  • I know I can finish near the top. And that means I can finish first too - there is not much difference between near and at the top.
  • I am a good person. I deserve this as much as anyone.
  • I am a unique individual, and my winning this contest is a boon for all concerned, truly. Think of the horseplayers who begin to apply my techniques - they will win tons of money!
  • I know that I have as much knowledge about logical handicapping as anyone. My selection record is also excellent - my A horses win more than their share, and at a profit.
  • I know that keying on the maximum ROI horse is the way to won - the horse that is the best value, meaning the maximal product of win probability and odds
  • The other contestants are no different than me - we each have our own ways of prediction. May the best one win!
  • I intend to make my picks deliberately, utilizing logic and listening to guidance. I love the feeling of satisfaction of winning after I listened to guidance.
  • It's all coming together for me - logic, intuition, confidence, fun!
Result: I feel more confident. I feel good about winning. I feel this is the start, and with more preparation, I can definitely contend for the championship.

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