Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting There

Today was an experience ;-)
Nearly 6 hour drive for the 16 miles from my house to the airport - snow gridlock.
Idea was to spend the night here at the Dulles airport hotel, so I wouldn't have to worry about driving here at 5 am - hah!

Well anyway, that's over with, and even though the flight is already delayed 2 hours (currently scheduled for 10:35 am EST), I am going to have fun anyway!

I did get all 30 races ARVed Tuesday, though only 4 are judged and logically handicapped so far, had to wait on PP data and field sizes to be published.

So, am just gonna take it as it comes, and intend to rely fully on listening to guidance.

Oh, and last night and this morning (Wed that is) I did have some intestinal pain and such that felt like anoter kidney stone coming on - but I cured myself of that ;-)
My "I am a strong and beautiful being" mantra, deep breathing, Abraham-Hicks meditation CD, and some painkillers ;-) combined all did the trick - I feel fine now!

.. though quite sleepy ;-)

Gnight to all.

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