Saturday, January 22, 2011

Decisions and Preparation

Over the past few weeks, I have increased my vibration about the contest gradually.

I went from feeling like I probably wasn't going to win, to where I am now, which is that anyone can win, I know as much as anybody about logical handicapping, and recognize intuition and guidance more than most, so really am very qualified to win it.

I am growing excited!
Most of all, I am gonna have fun in Vegas - really, I am not just saying this, winning is secondary.

To be there with all these guys who are such good horseplayers, feeling their excitement and mine, watching the contest unfold..... it is FUN!!!!

Yes, I CAN win - why not!
I am GOOD at this! I DESERVE to win as much as anyone!

I spent some time just now rereading all my posts from the contest where I qualified for this final contest, whose links are here if you want to read them yourself:
NHCQ April 10 Blog URLs

Rereading this was funny - it was like Me talking to me, inspiring me to that winning vibration!

So as a result of rereading it, I am inspired to take the same path that I did then: ARVing all 30 contest races, handicapping them logically, and allowing myself to feel an intuitive feeling about each horse - then combining all of these components to arrive at winning picks.

This will take some work to do, but I know I can do it.
I will start doing ARV sessions shortly.

My strong intent is to remain loose and happy about the whole process, and not get bogged down in worrying about getting it all done on time. I will do what it takes to get it done, and expect cooperation from the universe in this and the whole contest experience.

I am ready!

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