Saturday, January 29, 2011

NHC Results

Well, it's all over.
I didn't finish in the money.... but I have a fun story to tell.....over the next few days here in the blog, as I recover.

Officially I finished in 91st place, with $108.60.
The winner had $234.80, and 30th place $151.40.

I actually would have finished in 31st place had I not switched my last pick at the last minute, ignoring my strong intuitive feeling on the top ARV pick for contest strategy reasons - but they only pay prize money to 30th place, so it made no difference.
(I did bet cash on the ARV pick though - nice 14-1 win!)

Anyway, it was fun!
And it does validate with me more and more my use of intuition, both structured methods like ARV and just listening to guidance on my own.
I do sort of wish I had gotten the PRECOG10 group more involved, and been able to use my logical handicapping more as a result - I believe I would have done better had I done so.

 But this IS the right way to go!

( to the awards banquet to relax...)


  1. Congratulations!! Top third no SMALL feat Experience pays off

  2. Yes, congrats on making it and into the Top 100; quite a feat.