Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sat. Night Banquet

The banquet was a fun time to relax and meet people, and to applaud the top 30 winners in the contest.

I posted a link to my photos in an earlier post.

Here are some more my buddy Scott Carson of sent me the other day.

That's Scott on the right, and fellow (former?) guru Christopher Larmey in the middle, who finished 11th and earned $9,000, Dave Flanzbaum on the left.

From left:  Ed Lawless and former PH Editor Kelly Lawless, wife Carolyn and me.

Talking to Bob from Randallstown - turned out we grew up only a few miles apart in the Baltimore suburbs, both went to U. Maryland, and are both Orioles fans.

Scott with the three Public Handicapper NHC Tour winners: from left, John Herko, Joe Eckert and Mark McNulty.

You can see all of Scott's photos here.

We all had a fun time, as you can tell.

NTRA CEO Alex Waldrop went around shaking hands and talking to people - he is our kind of guy.

They presented real physical Eclipse awards, horse statuettes, to most of the former NHC champions since 1999. It was very cool.
Contest winner John Doyle gave a speech - he seems to be a great guy.
You can read more abut it all on Alex Waldrop's blog.

Many of the players stayed on the next day to compete in the Red Rock's 2012 NHC qualifier.
We headed home early the next morning, happy to have had the experience.

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