Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Second Half of Saturday's Contest Day

My 4th optional, 9th Aqu: my pick was close for awhile, then stopped to finish 10th at 98-1.
(Top ARV choice (Targ CR 5) was the 6-5 favorite who ran 3rd; my pick was the longest odds of the three Targ CR 3 horses.)

5th mandatory, 9th GP: Top Targ CR 5 horse ran 7th at 53-1.

My 5th optional race, the 10th at Tampa: Targ CR 5 horse ran 8th at 42-1.

My 6th optional race, GP 10th, the Sunshine Missions Classic Stakes: Top Targ CR 5 #9 Dream Maestro had a valiant effort, but flattened out to finish 3rd - at 57-1! - while another cap horse was the winner. Tantalizing, but no cash.

Mandatory race 6, the 6th at Golden Gate: Top Targ CR 4 horse ran last at 13-1.

So, even though I had no points lately, I noted that the leaderboard showed 30th place at $139.00, so with $108.60 I am still very much in the hunt to get some prize money. Winning it all is looking like a longshot at this point - I'd probably need a 20-1 and a 10-1 winner in my last 3 races - not impossible though....

Mandatory race #7, 9th at Oaklawn: My 48-1 pick is no factor and finishes last.

8th and last mandatory, race 8 Santa Anita: My pick runs 5th at 6-1. (Short field of 7 so only one horse was greater than 10-1.)

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