Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Friday Races

Optional #4: 5 FG - Had a 12-1 horse, logical B (2 logical As low odds), intuitive yes - he was no factor and finished 10th.

Mandatory #2 - 8 Tam -  My 8-1 horse (2nd highest Targ CR, logical C) rallied to finish 2nd to a co-favorite. I collected $9.40 to place.

Mandatory #3: FG 6 - Had two logical As; picked #4 at 4-1 because of Targ CR of 3 (5-way tie for top). Ran well but couldn't catch the favorite, paying $5.20 to place.

Optional Race #5: 9 Aqu - Choice was #10, logical B with co-highest Targ CR. Ran out at 19-1. Winner was a logical B at 9-1.

Mandatory Race #4: 8 GP - Choice #3 ran 2nd at 4-1 while a 12-1 shot won. Now have had 4 place finishes in 8 races. Contest is more than half over for the first day, for me. My total is $28.80, far behind the leaders.

Mandatory Race #5: 9 GP - My pick #10 ran 3rd at 5-1 as the 8-5 favorite won.

Mandatory Race #6: 8 OP - My pick #9 was no factor at 9-1 as the 9-5 favorite won.

Optional Race #6: 9 OP - My pick #9 ran third to the 5-2 favorite.

Optional Race #7: 9 TuP - My pick #1 ran out at 43-1 as the 4-1 2nd choice won.

Mandatory Race #7 - 6 GG - My choice #3 ran 3rd at 7-1 as the 7/2 2nd choice won.

Mandatory Race #8 - 6 SA - My choice #7 ran 2nd at 6-1, almost catching the wire-wire favorite, missing by a head. I collected $5.
The top ARV choice (Targ CR of 5) actually won the race - I hadn't picked him because his 3-2 odds were too low. This was the only ARV hit of the day.

Optional Race #2: This was supposed to be an earlier race, as explained in a prior post. I at first switched to a Turf Paradise race, but TuP was an hour earlier than I thought (MST not PST), so I ended up with the 8th at SA. This was in the spirit of whatever race it was intended to be, it was.
So I wound up with a 112-1 shot who raced with the pace and actually got within 2 1/2 lengths of the lead at the eighth pole, but tired to run out, as the favorite won.
(I did not have time to do logical analysis of this race.)

Next: Friday Summary and Looking Ahead to Sat.

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