Saturday, February 26, 2011

More ARV Hits

Saturday Optional #1, 4th Aqu: this one I rated a 4. The match is not as clear for this one, but the fact that it was a large structure which the camera was looking up it was the key match for me. There isn't much of a match to the bottom part of the sketch, except maybe the curved tracks.
This photo was associated with #9 Apianus, who finished 2nd at 131-1 giving me $22 contest dollars, as noted in a prior post. (Note that the top match for this set was a scratch.)
Sometimes the matches are marginal like this one - and after all it was a marginal horse at 131-1, who finished far back of the winner. But it was nevertheless the highest win/place payoff (the favorite won so his win/place payoffs were low), and that's what it's all about.

Saturday Mandatory #2, 5th Aqu: I rated this one a 4 out of 7 also.
The main match is the round thing on the one guy's head, which is yellow, matching my top sketch; the bottom sketch is a match to the same item, if you consider looking down on the globe from above - it has a black band around it.

You can see my sketches are sparse compared to the photo usually.
It does not bother me that I missed the heiroglyphs entirely.
How much of my sketch matches what is in the picture, is my main focus while judging.

Even if only one component of my sketch is a great match to an item in the picture, I will still give it a relatively high rating.

The picture corresponded to #4 Thunder Chief, who won and paid $12.00.
Very nice for a mandatory race!

I believe Scott had this horse also, so we were a happy couple of dudes at this point.

Saturday Mandatory #4, 8th GP: For this one I had #8 Aegean tied with #3 Amen Hallelujah, both with Targ CRs of 5 out of 7; I picked #8 for her higher odds (see previous post).
The match here is for the bottom of the sketch, to the grandstand at back right of the photo. My notes read "Manmade structure, framed, windowed, large - or medium"; the Analytical OverLay (AOL) column reads "Airport terminal, indoors, or car frame". (AOL is what happens when your mind tries to make sense of your images logically. )
In fact the image I saw was the new terminal at Reagan National Airport, indoors - which looks very much like the grandstand, though it is outdoors. Hence the 5 out of 7 rating, even though I did not match the cars or the stands at all.
Note that this winner and the next one are not technically ARV hits, since there was a tie for the top Targ CR rating - it's officially a Pass.
But I did pick the right horse of the two in the contest, so I was very happy ;-)

Saturday Optional #7, 9th GG: This was The Last Race. The match to the bottom part of the sketch is obvious. The top sketch (AOL reads "confetti") is kind of a match to the snow and maybe the clouds, also. I gave it 5 out of 7. This was also a tie with another picture, as explained in a previous post, and I did not pick this horse in the contest strictly because of odds.
But it was a great big winner for me all the same - I bet cash on him at 14-1 ;-)

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