Monday, February 7, 2011

Mandatory Race #1 - 7 Aqu

I had planned to bet the favorite #10, a logical A horse with a very high Targ CR of 6 (out of 7) and a "yes" intuitively, but she scratched, so I wound up with #2 Talented Princess at 22-1, who had a Targ CR of 3 and was a B logically, as well as being designated as an Upgrade by Racing Flow for running against the bias and/or flow of her previous race.
I did not have a good feeling about the top Targ CR horse #6.

#2 was no factor and finished 5th; ditto #6 at 160-1 (!); the winner was #9 at 4-1, bet down from ML of 12-1 (albeit with the favorite scratching, which depletes all odds).

#9 was the only "yes" intuitive horse (2 others scratched) - that was interesting.
I must admit though that I found little time to pay attention to how things like intuitive "yes" horses were doing during the contest, I am only now taking that tally.

Anyway, the winner was not long odds, so my competition didn't distance itself from me too much in this race.

Next: Optional #3: 3 OP

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